The Lewis Reef is a true go anywhere blue water vessel.  She is of extremely heavy duty fiberglass construction.  Her ABS classed construction and many redundant systems offer a level of safety rarely found in vessels of this size.  Her stability, efficiency, and systems make her uniquely suited for expedition yachting.  The Lewis Reef I has been superbly maintained, updated, and has acquitted herself well in all conditions.  Lewis Reef is now offered for charter or sale by the owner.

Full Specs

The Lewis Reef I was built in 1988 and launched and sea trialed in January of 1989 by the Canadian government to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) standards and carries an ABS certificate.  She is of extremely heavy duty construction in all respects including all her systems.  Fire retardant resins and coatings were used.  She is a displacement trawler type vessel.  The Lewis Reef is a Canadian Registered vessel.

Every system is double or even triply redundant, and of commercial quality including many items added new in substantial 2001 and 2005 refits.

Previously owned by a professional captain as his personal boat she completed a tour of Alaskan and British Columbian waters, then moved on to Florida via the Panama Canal.  From Florida she has traveled as far north as Prince Edward Island and deep into the Caribbean including the Bahamas.  She is currently berthed in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Due to her great hull design and controllable pitch propeller, she is a very seaworthy, fuel efficient vessel burning just 6 gallons per hour at 9 knots with a generator running.  This speed can be carried in just about any sea, unlike some vessels which must slow down in sharp or large head seas.  Anti rolling “chocks” (similar to bilge keels, see photo) reduce rolling in beam seas.


The Lewis Reef has three double cabins to accommodate 6 persons comfortably plus a galley table that drops down for a double bed.  A large head with walk in separate shower is located aft, and an additional head is located forward.


She is equipped with a washer and a dryer as well as a stand alone additional freezer to supplement the large refrigerator/freezer located in the well equipped galley which features a large electric JennAir oven/stove and microwave.  All stainless steel stove tops and two large deep sinks make cooking underway a breeze.


The masters cabin features a built in safe with key and combination access.  All interior spaces are fully air conditioned by two separate systems.  12 additional electrical heaters provide warmth in even the most extreme winter conditions.  All cabins have reading lights over each bunk as well as additional lighting.  An intercom station is included in the masters cabin.  The salon has a table with seating for six or more.  There is a two person seat/bench in the aft port corner of the wheelhouse with windows on three sides.  Many have curled up and fallen asleep there.  The extra wheelhouse features a full sized chart table with chart and normal lights and five large sized chart drawers.  It also has a filing drawer and a drawer for emergency equipment and signaling devices.  The wheelhouse has variable dimming lighting from four overhead lights.


The second cabin has a small desk with computer.  A huge watertight storage compartment is located beneath this cabin as well.  Two or even three persons can crawl through a watertight hatch into this space which is totally devoted to storage.  Under the forward cabin there is also a storage compartment.  Many, many storage shelves and lockers are located throughout the vessel, including a heated and draining wet locker for foul weather gear.


The entire vessel is extremely well insulated including the ceiling spaces.  She is quiet and comfortable in all conditions, underway or at anchor or alongside.


Deutz, German Reliability and Performance
Hundested, Efficiency and Redundancy

The Deutz main engine is both fuel efficient and quiet underway thanks to a well insulated engine room and a well designed ventilation system.  The main engine is water cooled with a heat exchanger and has a dry exhaust.  A large engine room ventilation fan ensures a cool room and plenty of air even in the extreme heat of the tropics.  (Panama, Honduras, Florida, etc.)  In inclement weather this well designed system provides air to the engine room without salt spray, even in extreme conditions.  The Deutz BA6M is a very clean design with little or no smoke apparent from the exhaust stack at cruise speed.  It is one of the few engines certified for underground use in mines powering pumps and generators.  Individual cylinders can be rebuilt as needed (please see the extensive spares list) and it features dual oil and fuel filters that can be changed while the engine is running.  This is a large bore, long stroke, slow turning commercial diesel.  1200 rpm engine speed with a 280-310 rpm propeller speed gives a 9 knot cruise in most conditions.  Max engine rpm is 1680.

Power settings for the main engine are arrived at by the use of exhaust gas pressure and exhaust gas temperature gauges located in the wheel house and engine room.

The main engine features ceramic centrifugal raw and fresh water pumps with dual impellers in each.  No rubber impellers to fail or replace.  Also mounted on, and driven by the main engine is a continuously primed bilge pump which can pump from any of the five water tight compartments by means of a manifold system.  A hydraulic fire/bilge pump serves as a high capacity back up.  Two conventional 24 volt electric bilge pumps are also installed in the engine room and mechanical/pump compartment.

Mounted on the front of the main engine is a large capacity PTO driven hydraulic pump which can power the 100 hp 18” bow thruster, anchor windlass, crane, or fire/bilge pump.  Each generator also has a hydraulic pump that can service any of the above items.  The three pumps and numerous normal and check valves provide system flexibility and triple redundancy.

The main engine also has a large capacity 150 amp 24 volt alternator for battery charging.  Numerous temperature gauges are mounted at different locations as expected in commercial installations.  Parts are readily available worldwide and in the U.S. from a distributor in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Deutz main engine is coupled to a Hundested CPG 32 Controllable Pitch Propeller system.  This bulletproof main gear provides the utmost in long range efficiency under a variety of load conditions.  For engine longevity and fuel efficiency (on the order of 15% better than with fixed pitch Propeller systems) controllable pitch propeller systems are the way to go.  The system has an electric pump back up for pitch control, a back up manual gear engage and disengage system, as well as the possibility in the event of total gear failure to manually fuse the clutch plates together for a direct drive system.  (This takes about 15 minutes with large wrenches.)  No need to worry about transmission failure.  Another benefit of this system is that the four bladed propeller is comprised of four separate blades.  Due to space, handling and space constraints, most vessels with large propellers do not carry a spare in the unlikely event of damage in remote areas.  With the Hundested system you can easily carry and store, just one spare blade that can be installed if damage occurs.  To achieve optimum efficiency and to ensure the engine is loaded properly under all sea and load conditions, simply vary the pitch of the propeller until the exhaust gas temperature reaches a maximum set forth in the engine manuals.  Increase pitch as you burn fuel, use water and expend other consumables.  The engine always runs at the same rpm.

This system also provides excellent maneuvering as it provides full torque at very low speeds.  Coupled with the large bow thruster the Hundested CPP enables easy handling much like that of a twin screw boat in all conditions.

The fuel system consists of two aft and two forward tanks.  Fuel can be transferred from any tank to any tank electrically or by a manual pump.  The main and generators can burn or return from or to any tank.  Fuel gauges indicate quantity that can be verified by dipping the tanks for a direct reading.  A large dual Racor filtration manifold ensures clean fuel to the engines.  I have never had a fuel problem in this boat, even with extended periods of non use.

Heavy Duty Well Designed Electrical Systems 110/220 Volt AC Power

For electric power, the vessel utilizes two 16 kW Simpson Lawrence generators driven by 4 cylinder Nissan Industrial diesel engines.  Each generator is individually keel cooled.  Either of the gensets can provide ample power for all systems aboard.  Their location in the spacious insulated, walk in engine room with work bench, vise and storage area makes them very quiet.  The generators are mounted on special shock mounts so as not to transmit vibration to the vessel when running.

Power from these units flows to a central AC power control panel of commercial specification.  Here, all power can be managed in a myriad of ways.  Generator voltage can be manually or automatically controlled.  The generators can be run singly or together.  Also located on this panel is the incoming shore power control.  A full complete isolation transformer and frequency transformer is included.  While rarely found on recreational vessels an isolation transformer is a very important piece of equipment for properly designed electrical systems.  Different power coming in from shore can be stepped up or down as necessary (automatically) to provide ships power.  An additional benefit is that no power spikes or brownouts reach your electrical devices.  A ground fault test button and double circuit breaker protection is installed.  Numerous circuit breaker panels in both the engine room and other interior spaces provide redundant protection for all electrical appliances and devices onboard.

The electrical heaters are located in a separate circuit breaker panel and are incorporated into an automatic load shedding system wherein they are shed first if an electrical power shortage should occur.  Power comes into the vessel via a single 50 or 100 amp power cable.  There are two water protected dual GFCI outlets located on each side of the wheelhouse and one located on the aft deck for power tools and other electrical appliances.  All electric cables both AC and DC are triply insulated heavy duty cable with copper shielding.  To replicate this type of wiring would be extremely costly, and simply does not occur in most vessels.

The entire electrical system and all components of the vessel including the shaft are bonded and grounded via a large grounding plate on the outside of the hull.  There is also a large grounding plate connected to a lightening rod at the top of the mast for lightening protection.

DC Power

The DC power system is also redundant and very well designed.  Two 8 D batteries provide starting power for the main engine and may be coupled singly or together to provide house power as well.  They are charged via a 100 amp 220 volt charger with equalization capability or from the engine alternator.  A start battery disconnect switch is located in the engine room.  In the wheelhouse, two more 8D batteries can power the whole vessel even if the engine room is flooded.  All navigation, communication and similar equipment will continue to run.  The wheelhouse batteries are charged by their own high capacity commercial charger.  The 24 volt electrical panel located in the main passageway incorporates an automatic standby DC lighting system which comes on in the event of loss of AC power.  This system lights the whole vessel and engine room.  An additiona1 12 volt circuit breaker panel in the wheelhouse protects electronic and navigation equipment.  All batteries new in 2004.

Electronics and Navigation Equipment

The Lewis Reef is extremely well equipped with a myriad of high quality electronics and navigation equipment.  Control of the vessel can be achieved from three locations in the wheelhouse.  At the center wheel and at each side door.  Throttle, propeller pitch, steering and bow thruster control are possible at all three stations, making tight quarters maneuvering and backing a breeze.  There is also good visibility aft through the wheelhouse windows.

ICOM M 502 Marine VHF With DSC (new in 2001)

Raytheon Ray 55 Marine VHF

VHF’s have separate commercial grade antennas and a mounted spare antenna which can be quickly connected in the wheelhouse.

SeaTel WaveCall Globalstar Satellite Communication System

This system (installed new in November of 2002) provides voice and data calls even in remote areas.  Internet speeds of up to 128k are possible as well as crystal clear telephone calls any time, any where.

SeaTel 24” Stabilized Satellite Television Antenna

This receiver provides access to the DirectTV or Dish Network systems while at sea or at the dock.  Its tracking and stabilization are excellent.  We have watched the weather channel while 50 miles offshore in 12’ seas, with nary a flicker.  The larger 24” dish (as opposed to 16 or 18”) provides better reception in marginal areas and in rainy conditions.  The system is coupled to an echostar receiver with 30 hours of digital record time similar to TIVO.  A Sony VHS player, a Sony colour TV and a Koss 21” LCD TV in the salon complete the system.

 ICOM Marine SSB/Ham Radio (new in 2002)

The SSB has two separate automatic tuners connected to a long line and a fixed mount antenna system for varying propagation systems.  An audio cable is run to the ship’s navigation computer for receiving weather faxes.

2 Furuno FR1510, 78 mile 10kw radars

These radars are coupled to 6’ open array antennas.  With the large antennas and high power they provide outstanding target definition even in periods of heavy rain.  15” CRT screens.  Professionally tuned and repaired in 2002.

Furuno FCV 667 Color CRT Dual Frequency Bottom Sounder (new in 2001)

2 Furuno GP35 GPS

The two independent GPS units have separate antennas.  Each can provide position information to the navigation computer or autopilot via a NMEA data switch.

ComNav 2002 Autopilot

Not to be confused with the recreational 1001 model, this is a true commercial quality autopilot.  This unit was factory repaired and checked in 2003.  It provides exceptional directional control in all sea conditions.  A commercial Wagner pump is used for autopilot and power steering functions.

Dell Computer with 17” LCD Flat Screen Display

This system is powered through a UPS/filter and mounted securely in the wheelhouse.  It runs the latest version (7.0 with updates) of the Nobeltec navigation software.  Included are ALL charts from Alaska to Boston and most of the Caribbean, including Cuba.  An extra CD with special Bahamas aerial photos is also included.  This system is coupled to the satellite phone for Internet surfing and e-mail.  Also installed is vessel management software.

Full Vessel Intercom System

An intercom system connects the wheelhouse with stations in the galley/salon, masters cabin, engine room, lazarette steering compartment and aft deck (large PA speaker/microphone).  This system, with individual and “call all” capability provides two way communications with all areas of the vessel.

PA and back up horn

A loud PA speaker is installed facing forward on the wheelhouse and controlled from inside.  It features a loud electronic horn.

Dual Automatically Controlled Air Horns

These dual horns can automatically sound the required low visibility signals at anchor or underway.  There is a manual pull handle to sound the horns as well.

Navigation/Anchoring/Working Light System

All navigation, anchor, towing, not under command, restricted in ability to maneuver, and masthead lights are dual.  A master control panel located in the wheelhouse alerts when a bulb is burned out, allowing the operator to switch to the alternate bulb and replace the faulty one at a later time.  Very handy when there is inclement weather or you are on watch alone and don’t want to wake someone up while you go outside to change a bulb.

Dual 15” Extreme Intensity Search Lights

These commercial spotlights are controlled from inside the wheelhouse via handles and switches on the ceiling.

CB Radio

Old, but sometimes still useful with local fisherman in many areas.

Rudder Angle Indicator

Sony CD and AM/FM Stereo

Mounted in wheelhouse above chart table.

Window Wipers And Washer

Dual speed window wipers are installed on each forward facing wheelhouse window.  Each has a freshwater wash button.

Clock and Barometer

(new in 2003)

Equipment List

Navigation, Communication and Electronics

Exterior Cell Phone Antenna and cable/adapters

Sony Micro Hi-Fi CD/AM FM Radio Stereo with loud speakers

Sea-Tel Globalstar Satellite Communications Transceiver

Sony Telephone

ICOM IC-710 SSB Radio

(2) SEA SSB Automatic Antenna Tuners

Weems and Plath Ships Barometer

Weems and Plath Ships Clock

(2) Furuno FR 1510 D 10kw Radar Displays with 6' open array scanners

Furuno FR 1510 D 10kw Radar Display (spare)

Furuno FR 1510 D Radar 6' open array scanner (spare)

ComNav 2001 Autopilot

Raytheon Ray 55 VHF Radio

ICOM IC-M502 VHF Radio

Dell Personal Computer with 17” LCD Flat Screen Display and back up UPS Nobeltec 7.0 Navigation Suite Software Package

Electronic Charts on CD (Softcharts) Numerous raster and vector

Flag Locker with set of all code flags and all country courtesy flags for east coast U.S. to Alaska voyage

Furuno FCV665 Color Video Fishfinder/Depth Sounder

(2) Furuno GP-31 GPS Receivers and NMEA data switch

Realistic CB/SSB radio

SHO-ME electric horn and loud hailer

Marconi Ships Intercom System

Garmin Depth Sounder/Fish Finder for Boston Whaler Tender

Dirigo 7” Magnetic Compass

Acer Personal Computer with back up UPS and Screen

Sea-Tel 24” Stabilized Satellite Television Receiver

Echostar Digital Video Recorder and satellite receiver with back up UPS

12 Volt Power Supply for Sea-Tel Television Satellite receiver

Sony Color Television

Sony Hi-Fi VHS player

Ships Clock Brass

Very large inventory of paper charts, cruising guides, chart books and other printed aids to navigation.

Rudder Angle Indicator

Propeller Pitch Angle Indicator

Automatic fog signal system

(2) Hi intensity 220 volt search lights

Wind Velocity Indicator

Ships Bell



Zodiac 6 man “A” pack (offshore) autorelease canister life raft

Pains Wessex Category 2 autorelease GPIRB

Large First Aid Kit (fully stocked)

(2) life rings with automatic activation strobe lights and 50’ line

Paratech 24’ Sea Anchor with trip line

Sea anchor trip line retrieval float

Numerous (approximately 6) personal flotation devices

3 Adult Unifit Survival Suits

Full complement of distress flares and signals

Full set of safety equipment for Boston Whaler Tender, including 4 PFDs, fire extinguisher, signaling device, and throwable cushion.

Set of large aluminum day shapes, including ball and two diamonds.

2 hand bilge pumps (in addition of permanently mounted ship's equipment)

Numerous (approximately 13) CO2 and dry chemical fire extinguishers

Large comprehensive fire, smoke, and heat alarm system, including high water alarms

Engine room CO2 system with manual, automatic, and electric activation

(2) 24 volt electric bilge pumps

Hydraulic Fire/emergency bilge pump

Engine Driven Bilge Pump

Emergency Tiller Pipe


Mooring and Anchoring

Large (approximately 125 pounds) Danforth spare/stern anchor

Main anchor (approximately 375 pounds)

300’ ½” anchor chain

600’ 5/8” anchor cable

(4) “Panama Canal” 120’ mooring lines 1” double braid

(8) assorted mooring lines

550’ sea anchor/spare anchor/towing line 1” double braid

Sea anchor/towing/mooring bridle 2 pieces 17’ long each with stainless eyes

Large assortment of stainless shackles, clips and swivels

(2) large white barrel fenders with line

(5) large orange Denmark ball fenders

Chafe protection equipment and tie wraps


Miscellaneous Equipment

2002 13’ Boston Whaler Tender with 40hp Mercury Outboard Motor

Custom nylon lifting strap for tender

Assorted nylon lifting straps for crane

45 Gallon gasoline tank and filler hose/handle for tender

25’ 30 amp shore power cord (in addition to 75’ mounted 50 amp cord)

Large lot of power cable adaptors 30amp to 50amp, 15amp to 30amp, etc.

“Smart Y” 2 30amp to 1 50amp connector/adaptor

Fuel dip stick

Hydraulic Fluid dip stick

Pro Mariner automatic 50amp 24 volt battery charger (spare, mounted in wheelhouse)

Set of 4 boat cushions

5 pillows

Full set of 7 bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters and duvet covers

Microwave Oven

Coffee Maker

Village Marine 400 GPD Pure Water watermaker with media filter and boost pump

Combination Safe

Garden hose

Engine room fresh water hose

Foredeck anchor and window wash down hose

Deck box full with assorted tie down lines, small anchors, fuel handling gloves, etc.

(2) buckets

(2) cabin stools

Label maker machine with spare label tape

Portlight, bunk, and window curtains

“Black” out curtains for stairs to wheelhouse

Wheelhouse pull down sun shades.

(3) 24 volt wheelhouse window defrost fans

Original vessel mechanical and navigation logs

Large workbench vise

Garbage compactor

Fully equipped galley (pots, pans, cutlery and dishes)


Spares and Tools

Assorted spares for Nissan Generators including 4 injectors, seals, etc.

Large set of spares for Deutz main engine, including seals, cylinder sealing kit, etc.

Large inventory (at least 2 of each) of spare belts for gensets, main engine, fire/emergency bilge pump, watermaker, etc.

Watermaker spares, including chemicals, and three main filters

Full Library of Shop and Parts Manuals for Main Engine, Nissan Generators, Mercury Outboard, Hundested CPP Gear, and other systems

Full library of repair and equipment receipts, including all warranty information.

Set of damage control spares, including rapid set epoxy sticks, Marine-Tex, pipe repair tape and cloth, wood and plywood pieces, channel metal, duct tape, plexiglass, C and spring clamps, etc,

Inventory of spare hoses in many sizes and diameters

Spare VHF antenna

Five gallon buck pump kit

Large recovery magnet

Recovery long reach grabber

Large set of fueling connections, including reducers, adaptors, connectors, etc.

Quantities of spare mechanical fluids including, lube oil, 2 cycle oil, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, penetrol, etc.

VERY large quantity of filters for main engine and gensets, including lube oil, fuel etc.

Large quantity of filters for Hundested gear, hydraulic fluid, etc.

Large quantity of 24 volt navigation light bulbs.

Large quantity of miscellaneous light bulbs, including sodium vapor deck light, halogen deck lights, 24 volt emergency deck spot light, 24 volt emergency interior lights, interior 110 volt lights, engine room and instrumentation lights etc. Spare main 220 volt spot/search light bulbs

Large quantity of anti-corrosion sprays, oils, silicones, etc.

Large quantity paints, including metal primers, spray and white.

Large quantity of grease for all systems.

Set of Deutz Main Engine Tools

Set of Mane-bar main seal tools

Compressed air grease gun

Small manual grease gun

Large manual grease gun

Small portable alligator clip 12V battery charger

Very large lot of assorted electrical spares, including wire, wire nuts, crimp connectors, electrical tape, sockets, outlets, switches, meters, fuses, etc.

Large lot of assorted nuts, bolts, clamps, and assorted connectors/parts

Two large trays of assorted vessel related spares, such as spare tender drain plugs, monel wire, etc. etc.

Quantity of oil sorb “diapers”

Set of wrenches, sockets and assorted mechanic tools for onboard repairs